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About Bro. Porter...

Bruce H. Porter earned his bachelor’s degree in Ancient Near Eastern Studies from B.Y.U. and went on to receive his master’s degree in Middle East Studies with an emphasis in Semitic languages. He has studied Hebrew Aramaic, Akkadian, Coptic, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, and others languages, with a minor in ancient Near Eastern Religions. His graduate coursework was in the History of Religions, with an emphasis in Egyptian religion and textual studies.

Brother Porter has done extensive research for the BYU’s Religious Studies Center, on the Pearl of Great Price and the Book of Abraham, and been instrumental in the research and discovery of the Antonio Lebolo Will.  He has done scriptural research in the major museums and libraries of Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. Brother Porter has written and presented numerous papers, including works for the “Society for Early Historic Archaeology” and the “Journal of Egyptian Archeology” the Encyclopedia of Mormonism and has also co-authored a paper with Stephen Ricks that was published in By Study and also by Faith, a two-volume work honoring Hugh Nibley. During his graduate work, he assisted in the research and writing of a documentary on Egyptian archeology for BBC acting as the technical director. Brother Porter is also the author of a dozen books and study guides, which titles include: Prophecies and Promises, The Book of Mormon, An Everlasting Decree, The Threshing Floor of Faith and others. Class notes and study guides have been published on; The Pearl of Great Price, and A Scriptural Study Guide for The Book of Revelation, as well as other papers on specific scriptural and doctrinal topics. He is a sought-after speaker for presentations and seminars that are focused on the scriptures and in particular the Book of Mormon and the Gospel in Egypt.


Born in Mesa Arizona, Brother Porter has lived in Utah, Israel, and Southern California while working as an Institute Director and teacher for Seminaries and Institutes. He also served a full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Southwestern England and Wales. Semi-retired he now teaches adult religion classes in the Mesa-Gilbert area and continues his passion of scriptural research and writing.  He has served in many ward and stake positions throughout his life and continues to do so.  Bruce and his wife Margaret have ten children, and 27+ grandchildren, and are now living in Queen Creek, Arizona.


Brother Porter’s testimony, research, and message are dedicated to the truthfulness of the scriptures, and in particular the Book of Mormon, the divine calling of the Prophet Joseph Smith, and of course Jesus Christ and the necessity to Come unto Him for Salvation.  Because of this he is a sought-after speaker, teacher, and tour guide.


Brother Porter’s reference to himself would stress that the quality of scholarship depends on the sources, and recognizes that he should not be considered a source, but one should look to the scriptures and the living prophets as well as the Teachings of Joseph Smith for eternal truths. His goal as a teacher is the hope that people might realize that there is more to the scriptures than they thought. Accolades and degrees are meaningless unless one recognizes Jacob’s teaching that to ‘be learned is good, only if you harken to God’.

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